About Me



When it started?

ok! let me start from here..
My mother(also an hobby artist), wanted me to end up as a writer. Weird isn’t it!?!


I was given the taste of books at my early ages and when ever I need a change I used to sketch some non-sense.During my collage days, painting which started as a distraction became my point of concentration. It was happy days.. instead of absconding the boring lecturers, I used to sketch the professors, just to make fun of them. And my journey in painting started in this way.


I am a software consultant now.

Life has changed in the course of time. Maturity has been forced upon(as in most of our life).
I am trying my level best  to get few hours in every single day to do what I really love from the depth of my heart and painting is the time I really enjoy the most.



Why mostly Portraits?

From childhood I always had this desire to understand what other people think. ah! again bit weird, I know! This desire took me in to “People watching”. I like to watch people and imagine what they have went through in their life and whats running in their mind at that moments. This has made me to fell in love with people’s face which always tells the truth of what they are.
I now feel that I can write a book of over 100 pages on seeing a face. Faces carry the emotions and the emotions are the true self. When you start noticing faces you can predict whats running in their mind to an extend and its the actual fun in people watching.

Why this style?

Though I agree that traditional art style have lost its important in this fast changing world, I am a bit of nostalgic kind of guy, which makes me not to cut myself totally out of the traditional style. Instead I want to make a balance between the traditional and contemporary style in my art forms.

Why different mediums?

As the name itself says, its just a medium. I feel that the emotion of a painting is what matters. Medium is just a carrier of that emotion. As an artist, i am more comfortable with Oils. But I always enjoy breaking in to other mediums and trying out new things.



where from?

My ancestral origin is from the city of temples – Tanjore. Tanjore still has the lovely feel of fresh air and the pleasant warm greenish fields that cities can never comfort you with. Tanjore gave me the taste of the village life.

Born and brought up in Neyveli (Lignite city), TamilNadu.
Did my graduation in Chennai. Started my carrier in Chennai and have then worked in metropolitan cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. Currently located in Bangalore, working for Oracle Financial Services.

Where at Bangalore?​

I am staying in HBR layout, some where near Manyata tech park.​
2015 - Till now


I was a hobby artist till late 2014. And my track started shifting even with out me knowing. Though I am a software consultant by profession, I started taking painting as serious as my profession itself.

After 2015 I have started taking few orders for commissioned paintings and was able to utilize my passion towards paintings, in a useful way that will also benefit others.

I have now did many commissioned paintings for my friends and others. Hope will have my works exhibited soon.

wanna pass a message?!


Its not just me....

I have many time felt that I am blessed with many wonderful people around me. I have always got a helping hand even before I understand that there is a problem that I am facing.

Its my mom, I would like to thank of all the people in the world. she always encouraged me to follow my passion. My wife – a down to earth soul without whom i would be missing a part of what I am today.

I could not miss speaking about closest of all my friends who have traveled with me all way long, for many years now, in all the ups and downs of my life.